Sam Tannenbaum
Sam Tannenbaum
Pianist | Teacher | Composer






Music has always been a huge part of my life. Having grown up in a family of musicians - my mother was a composer and music teacher and my father a singer who now performs with the LSC, to name only the most immediate examples - learning an instrument and developing musicality was as fundamental a part of my development as literacy and numeracy. As a child my family moved around a lot. I grew up near Bonn, Germany; Louisiana, USA and in Cambridge, UK. During these upheavals the only constant and dependable thing in my life was music - I was being creative at the piano since before I can remember and this deeply engrained a habit which continues to this day and hopefully for the rest of my life.

Since graduating from University of York in 2009 with an honours degree in music (specialising in piano performance and composition) and completing my certificate in piano pedagogy, I have taught privately in Cambridge, London and Brighton; worked as an A-level Music and Performing Arts teacher at BHASVIC, and then was employed as a piano teacher at Roedean School, whilst always maintaining my own private client base and being involved in various other music projects. Alongside my teaching I have also performed many classical recitals as a solo pianist and have actively sought out new experiences in other non classical genres of music in order to expand my horizons. I have now gained experience in electronic music, hip hop, jazz, afro-beat, pop, mo-town, folk, musical theatre, experimental performance art and also as a singer-songwriter, all of which have contributed to my musical vocabulary, along side my more considerable classical influences, particularly 20th century French, Russian and American composers. I believe that my eclectic background has contributed to an individual perspective and musical voice.


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